Javascript Long Integer

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Javascript long integer

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I have seen one of the weirdest things in javascript.
The server side (spring):

   @RequestMapping(value = "/foo", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public Long foo() {
return 793548328091516928L;

I return a single long value and:


It represents the long integer as "793548328091516900" replacing (rounding indeed) the last two digits with 0s. When i make that GET request from any browser's address bar, the number represented correctly; thus this is a js issue, in my opinion.

Returning a string instead of long from server and handling it with:

var x = new Number(data).toFixed();

obviously a solution. But I am not so lucky that, I have to handle a complex POJO (converted to JSON) whose some fields (some are nested) are typed with java.lang.Long type. If i try to cast this POJO to another object does not having fields typed Long, it is obviously cumbersome.

Is there any solution to that obstacle in a clearer way?

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